26 January 2006 – Botborg – Melbourne, Australia

26 January 2006 Botborg in Melbourne, Australia. Plug’n’play Plug’n’play Kent Street Cafe in Kent Street, Fitzroy live performances from Botborg (cortex joining audio visual feedback research – Brisbane) Sam Hamilton (performing a live soundtrack (feedback stuff through malfunctioning gear) to a film by prolific NZ outsider artist WITCYST).

26 January 2006 - Dates.

22 January 2006 – Botborg – Melbourne, Australia – Articulating Space festival

22 January 2006 Botborg in Melbourne, Australia. Articulating Space festival ARTICULATING SPACE FESTIVAL OF EXPLORATORY MUSIC: JAN 22ND – JAN 24TH For three days in January, the Corner Hotel will be transformed into a no holds barred forum for the outer limits of instrumental and electro-acoustic performance. Featuring the finest in Australian talent alongside some esteemed international guests. Lineup below! SUNDAY 22ND PITA (Austria) JIM DENLEY/AMANDA STEWART (syd) FRANCIS PLAGNE…

22 January 2006 - Dates.

18 January 2006 – Botborg – Sydney, Australia – NOWnow festival

18 January 2006 Botborg in Sydney, Australia. NOWnow festival the NOW now festival, 2006 3 levels of spontaneous sound and cinema OPENING NIGHT: WEDNESDAY 18 JAN // LEVEL 2: MUSIC 8:00 Cor Fuhler, (Holland) solo piano 8:30 Oren Ambarchi, guitar Martin Ng, electronics 9:00 Amanda Stewart, voice Jim Denley, woodwinds Milica Stefanovic, electric bass Ian Peterise, baritone saxophone BREAK 9:45 Tony Buck, percussion Clare Cooper, Guzheng Sean Baxter (Melbourne), percussion 10:15 En’tract…

18 January 2006 - Dates.

8 December 2005 – Botborg – Auckland, New Zealand – TransAcoustic festival

8 December 2005 Botborg in Auckland, New Zealand. TransAcoustic festival Trans-Acoustic is a three day Festival where the centuries-old desire to fuse sensory impressions together is being given an experimental platform. Seeking to underline the acoustic perspective in a predominately visual culture, the Festival offers an inspiring synaesthetic experience to the public with seminars, performances and installation on the 8th, 9th and 10th December 2005 at The Kenneth Myers Centre.…

8 December 2005 - Dates.

29 September 2005 – Botborg – Newcastle, Australia – Electrofringe

29 September 2005 Botborg in Newcastle, Australia. Electrofringe A whole swag of gigs, panels and workshops involving half/theory personnel and many more Brisbane artists at this new media festival/retreat. Full program International Guests Ove Naxx (Japan), gulpepsh (Japan), DODDODO (Japan), Miha Ciglar (Slovenia/Austria), vivalka (Canada) morceaux_de_machines (Canada) Mark Amerika (US) GIGS Opening…

29 September 2005 - Dates.

16 September 2005 – Botborg – Brisbane, Australia

16 September 2005 Botborg in Brisbane, Australia. Bloodbath Bloodbath Curated By Nicola Morton A video installation subverting the audio visual tropes of horror cinema featuring the improvisations of Jodie Taylor, Leah Emery, Janeworld, Gwen Griffin, Nicola Morton, Kate McBean and others. Also featuring live performance by The Perfect Lovers and AudioVisual terrorists Botborg Exhibition opens Friday September 16, 7pm The:White:House Artist-Run Space and Curiosity Chamber 358 George…

16 September 2005 - Dates.

5 September 2005 – Botborg – Sydney, Australia – Screening at Camera Obscura

5 September 2005 Screening of Botborg films in Sydney, Australia. Camera Obscura | | | | |||| C A M E R A O B S C U R A |||| | | | | film + video screenings First Monday of every month at Lanfranchi’s Memorial Discoteque. Level 2. 144 Cleveland St. Chippendale. Free. 7:30 pm. Monthly screenings with a simple goal of showing interesting and experimental film and video works in an appropriate setting, comfortable seating – 5.1audio – large scale projection…

5 September 2005 - Dates.

1 September 2005 – Botborg – Sydney, Australia – Screening at e)scapes

1 September 2005 Botborg in Sydney, Australia. Screening of Botborg films. e)scapes e)scapes – #2 spring edition 1st September 2005 Medium Rare Gallery 70 Regent St (upstairs), Redfern NSW The heart was almost mine with which I felt* LIVE AUDIO/VISUAL PERFORMANCES BY Kazumichi Grime Boxed Set (Jodi Rose & Sarah Waterson) Peter Newman Poems to Sing Angelic to? (Brian Fuata & Gail Priest) SCREENINGS OF VIDEO WORKS BY Botborg (QLD) – Ego is ether… Colin Black – Invisible Red…

1 September 2005 - Dates.