Botborg - "Frying Pan Too Fire" remix by Vaudeo Signal

Botborg is very lucky to receive this ‘remix’ by Chicago-based audio-visual artists Vaudeo Signal – Ben Baker-Smith + Evan Kühl.

We received this video on a physical USB stick when we revisited Chicago in 2015. It contained this message:

Greetings Botborg,

We, Vaudeo Signal, Evan Kühl and Ben Baker-Smith, have been mining similar veins with similar equipment to yours since early 2010. When we saw your set at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago back in 2011, we joked that we should cover or remix one of your tracks because we knew enough of your techniques and had enough of the same gear to do it. Plus, despite the strong tradition of remixing in video art, not many video artists remix each other, so why not!

Your return to Chicago inspired us to finally make this happen, and we produced a mashup remix of sorts using material from 3 of the tracks on your DVD, Principles of Photosonicneurokinaestheography. The resulting track, Frying Pan Too Fire Remix, is included on this drive as a friendly tribute to comrades in arms.

Also on the drive are two of our own works which we find to be most closely related to your practice.

Glad to have you pass through Chicago again, we hope to make it back to Europe someday soon.
Vaudeo Signal (Ben Baker-Smith and Evan Kühl)

Such a wonderful thing! Thank you Vaudeo Signal!

More info:

3 June 2015 - News.